Keeping our volunteers

Maintaining a strong member retention program is absolutely crucial for our Surf Life Saving clubs here in Queensland, especially with recent studies showing a decline in volunteerism nationwide.

We know that creating a positive Member experience is key to keeping our volunteers happy and engaged. So, on this page, let's dive into some awesome strategies to boost Member retention, including:

  • Strong Induction Plan: Welcoming new Members with open arms and making sure they feel right at home from day one.
  • Clear Expectations: Letting everyone know what's expected of them so we can all work together towards our goals.
  • Good Communication: Keeping the conversation flowing so everyone feels heard and valued.
  • Rewards and Recognition: High-fives and shout-outs for our awesome Members who go above and beyond!
  • Education and Development Programs: Learning new skills and growing together as a team.
  • Highlighting Opportunities and Pathways: Showing off all the cool roles and careers you can explore in surf lifesaving.
  • Social Engagement: Getting together for fun events and activities that make us feel like one big surf-loving family.
  • Exit Interviews: Understanding the why people leave and learning from that.

Aiming for a stellar retention rate of at least 75%, these strategies aren't just about keeping members around—they're about building a strong, supportive community that's ready to tackle any wave that comes our way.

Let's make sure every member feels valued, inspired, and excited to be part of our Surf Life Saving family!

Positive Member Experience

Creating a positive
member experience

  • Current statewide average retention rate for all Members is 69% and active Members is 80%.
  • For active membership, nearly 50% of Clubs sit under 75% retention rate.
  • Nearly 20% of Clubs sit in the at-risk category for active membership.
  • Regional membership is declining overall.
  • These are trends we want to change!

creating a
positive member

Creating a positive start for every member is crucial for ensuring their long-term commitment and involvement within our Surf Life Saving Club community.

Research consistently shows that members who begin their journey with a positive experience are more likely to stay engaged and contribute actively over time. Here, we'll explore essential elements that contribute to a positive club environment, setting the stage for lasting relationships and a strong sense of belonging among our members.

Let's dive into what makes our Club a place where everyone feels valued and excited to be part of the team!