Welcoming Members into the red and yellow

Member induction is a crucial step in welcoming new Members to a Club and ensuring they feel comfortable and valued from the start.

A well-structured induction process helps new Members understand their roles, the Club's operations, and introduces them to key people within the organisation.

By providing a warm welcome and comprehensive introduction, Clubs can significantly enhance the new member experience, fostering a sense of belonging and commitment right from the beginning. This positive start is essential for member retention, as individuals who feel connected and informed are more likely to stay engaged and active within the Club.

A strong induction process saves time and effort for both new Members and Club administration. By addressing common questions and providing necessary information upfront, new members can quickly get up to speed without needing constant guidance. This streamlined approach allows Club leaders to focus on other important tasks, knowing that new Members are well-informed and prepared to participate fully. Clear communication during induction also helps to set expectations and standards, reducing potential misunderstandings and ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

This webpage is designed to help clubs create their own effective induction processes.

You'll find valuable information, tips, and resources to guide you in setting up an induction program that seamlessly transitions new Members into the fold.

From creating comprehensive induction materials to organising engaging orientation events, we'll provide you with the tools you need to ensure every new Member feels welcome, informed, and ready to contribute to the club's success.


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Engaging and Growing Our Surf Life Saving Community

There are many creative and effective ways to attract new members and engage with our community. From partnering with local service groups to hosting events, reaching out to corporate volunteers, and conducting targeted presentations, these strategies help showcase the social benefits and rewarding experiences of being part of Surf Life Saving Queensland.

Below you have the option to access:

  • A range of marketing resources to share
  • An option to contact SLSQ Marketing and book in time to chat about your Club's needs
  • A range of ideas to connect with your community
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Community Groups

Service groups like Rotary and Lions, as well as employment agencies, are full of people who would love to volunteer. The social perks of being a surf club member are huge, and these benefits might just catch their eye!


National Volunteer Week is a perfect opportunity to recruit new volunteers. Think about setting up an exhibition stand in a shopping center or staging a photo opportunity for some great publicity. Other great venues include local high schools, libraries, shows, carnivals, career fairs, train stations, and university open days.

Local Companies & Corporate Volunteering

Reach out to local companies and let them know about the fantastic volunteer opportunities available at the Club. They might encourage their retirees and employees to join in. Some companies have corporate volunteering groups that could bring a whole team to help out for a day, and they might even offer sponsorship. You can also ask grocers to include flyers about your program in their grocery bags.

Community Presentations

Tailor your presentations to suit your audience, considering their age, knowledge, and interest in surf lifesaving. Present to groups like schools, parents and citizens groups, youth groups, sports groups, community service clubs, employers, and industry groups.

Training Programs and Seminars

Intensive training programs and seminars are fantastic for recruiting and inducting new members. These programs often involve a week of training towards a Bronze Medallion, Surf Life Saving Certificate, or similar. This setup gives new recruits a taste of Club life, building confidence and trust with the Club.

Silver Salties

Silver Salties is a program for older Australians (65+ years) promoting physical activity, social connections, and involvement in the surf lifesaving community. Clubs can deliver the program based on their capacity, with activities and venues varying. Find more info on the Surf Life Saving Australia Website under ‘Get Involved’ (

Come & Try Days

Come & Try Days are always a hit! They give the public a chance to experience what our organization has to offer before committing to membership. For more information, check out this Come and Try page with information.