family inclusion

A new generation of lifesavers

The Family inclusion Program is an information package designed to increase the participation rate of junior activities family members by educating them about the movement highlighting:

  • The benefits for their children in being involved in junior activities
  • The opportunities and benefits to them as family members to become involved in the movement
  • The benefit to their family unit as a whole of being involved in the movement
  • The benefit to their club from being involved in the movement
  • The benefits to their local community from being involved

The program should be delivered within the first 4 weeks of the Nipper season by an experienced member of the club to ensure maximum engagement with your new and existing members.


In order for Junior Activities to exist, the support of volunteers in various roles throughout the season is crucial. Regardless of weather you are a strong swimmer or not, there will always be somewhere you can lend a helping hand. Below you can find a list of some of the more common roles that are available within Surf Life Saving specific to Junior Activities.
If any parents or siblings of your Junior Activities members are interested in any of these, pass on this information so they know how to get involved.

Roles that do not require an award:

  • Beach set up/pack down
  • Fundraising
  • Canteen/BBQ
  • Gear and equipment maintenance
  • Photographer*
  • Uniform
  • Assistant Age Manager/ Parent Rep. Coordinator
  • Member of Junior Activities Committee

Note: Club Photographer requires an SLSQ Photographer Pass. See your club’s Administrator for further details.

Roles that require an award:

  • Age Manager
  • Water Safety
  • Coach
  • Official
  • Education/Training of Members
  • First Aid
  • 4WD/ATV/Tractor Driver