Government Wireless Network (GWN)

What is the Government Wireless Network (GWN)?

The Government Wireless Network (GWN) is a mission-critical radio network used by emergency services across Queensland under a contract between the State Government and Telstra. With substantial support from the Queensland Government, Surf Life Saving Queensland (SLSQ) was formally onboarded as a beneficiary late last year.

This onboarding will allow SLSQ Clubs from Port Douglas to Rainbow Bay to access state-of-the-art equipment and benefit from significantly improved coverage compared to our current network. The contract is managed as a service, meaning equipment is leased from the State Government and supported throughout the contract's duration.

After years of dedicated planning and effort, SLSQ is proud to announce that it is in the final stages of preparing for a state-wide rollout of the GWN.

Why are we introducing the GWN? Our current network is ageing, inadequate, and no longer meets the evolving needs of our Members. The new GWN will provide the advanced infrastructure necessary to support our mission of safeguarding lives along Queensland's waterways.

What does this mean for SLSQ Clubs?

  • This program is completely funded so there is ZERO cost for Clubs
  • This means Clubs will be able to use radio-related expenses for other critical lifesaving equipment
  • The equipment has been carefully selected and designed to meet the unique and challenging surf environment that we operate in
  • The usage of these devices is straightforward, with much of the technology operating in the background
  • Training will be included in this year’s proficiency with short and easy modules

When will the roll-out of these radios be expected?

The radios themselves are currently being built in the factory and are expected to begin arriving in August 2024, with the full rollout to be completed by the start of the busy Summer period.

We understand that clubs are struggling with the current equipment, and a complete rollout plan will be sent in the coming month based on delivery timeframes from the factory.


Government Wireless Network (GWN)