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SLSQ State Officers & State Deputy Officers: Season 2024/2025

Department:   Governance 
Audience:  Board of Directors, State Council, Life Members, Club Presidents, All Clubs, All Branches, SLSQ Officers, SLSQ Advisors, SLSQ Committee & Panels, SLSQ Staff 


Nominations are invited for the following honorary SLSQ State Officer & State Deputy Officers positions for the 2024/2025 season. 

PLEASE NOTE: SLSQ Regulations State:

3 (c) Standing Committee Nominations and Appointments

Officers and their deputies should be appointed in alternate years along with half of the Committee members of each Standing committee.

9.1 (c) (ii) Officers Tenure

The Lifesaving Officer and the Surf Sport Officer shall be appointed in each year of even number while the Membership Services Officer and Education Officer shall be appointed in each year of odd number.

The following positions will be called:

  • Deputy State Education Officer
  • Life Saving Officer
  • State Surf Sports Officer
  • Deputy Member Services Officer


Nominations must:

  • Be submitted on the prescribed form (link on page 3)
  • Nominees will be contacted to ensure that they agree to the nomination
  • Proposer and Seconders name and email must be provided (we will check with them that they are happy to endorse this nomination)
  • Nominations must also be endorsed by the Nominee’s Club and Branch. This will be done via SLSQ once nominations close (via email direct to Club and Branch Presidents)
  • Include a resume with relevant experience and qualifications to the position
  • Provide two referees, who have worked within SLSQ with the nominee, to be contacted for a brief reference check. Please note, the reference checks must not be SLSQ staff.


Nominations close at Surf Life Saving Queensland on Monday 24 June 2024 5pm


Nominations will be presented to the SLSQ Board for endorsement on 31 July 2024.


Should there be multiple nominations, the responsible manager will work with the committee on behalf of the Board to gather and present supporting information for all nominations, and the committee’s recommendation of preferred nominee.



All Officers must:

  • Be a current member of a Surf Life Saving Club or Branch within Queensland
  • Hold a current Working with Children Blue Card or Exemption Notice
  • Have undertaken the SLSQ CYRM Induction and SLSQ Child Safe Awareness Induction
  • Be over 18 years of age



It is strongly recommended that prospective nominees carefully read the job descriptions contained in section 9 of the FINAL 2024 SLSQ REGULATIONS.

Deputy Education Officer Hold a current SLSA Assessor Certificate or equivalent and current Certificate 4 in Training & Assessment and have the necessary skills with a good general knowledge of SLSA and SLSQ constitutions, policies and regulations.
Life Saving Officer Shall have a good general knowledge of SLSA and SLSQ, particularly relating to surf lifesaving services along with a good general knowledge of SLSA and SLSQ constitutions, policies and regulations.
Surf Sports Officer Shall be an SLSA Accredited Official and/or Coach along with having a good general knowledge of SLSA and SLSQ rules, policies and regulations.
Deputy Membership Services Officer Shall have a good general knowledge of SLSA and SLSQ and a keen understanding of youth, personal development and leadership.


Deputy Education Officer Sam Clarke – Training & Education Manager
Life Saving Officer Natalie Edwards – Life Saving Services Manager
Surf Sports Officer Stuart Hogben – Surf Sports Manager
Deputy Membership Services Officer Zoe Breitkreutz – Membership Services Coordinator

Prospective nominees are also strongly encouraged to discuss the applicable priorities, budgets and policies associated with the roles. Please feel free to contact the responsible SLSQ Manager as listed above, to arrange such a discussion.


Members are asked to access the nomination form by the following link

State Officers / Deputy Officers Nominations 2024/25

Please note that once submitted, there will be an automated email sent to your club seeking endorsement via your Club. SLSQ will seek endorsement from your Branch president on your behalf. SLSQ  reserves the right to confirm that the Proposer and Seconder are supportive of this nomination.


24th June 2024 @ 5pm Nominations close
25th June 2024 Outstanding Endorsements are sent to Clubs
1st July 2024 Outstanding Club endorsements due at SLSQ
2nd July 2024 Endorsements are sent to Branch
10th July 2024 Branch endorsements are due at SLSQ
31st July 2024 Nominations are presented to the SLSQ Board of Directors


If prospective nominees are unsure of the requirements of a particular position, please contact the relevant responsible Manager on 07 3846 8000.