Busy Start of Patrolling Season for Volunteer Surf Lifesavers across Queensland

September 18, 2023

It was a busy start of the patrolling season for Queensland’s volunteer surf lifesavers, with more than 190,200 people visiting beaches right across the State.

As volunteers raised the flags for the first time this season, families made the most of the start of the school holidays and warm weather.

Surf lifesavers and lifeguards performed 61 rescues and 3,551 preventative actions with a further 165 first aid treatments as well.

Peta Lawlor, Surf Life Saving Queensland’s General Manager Lifesaving and Education, said the start of the season was a bumper one across the State.

“It was a busy start of the season for volunteer surf lifesavers, with close to 200,000 people visiting our patrolled beaches.

“While overall we were happy with how beach goers were behaviouring, we sadly saw close to 17,000 people swimming outside of the patrolled area. 

“With two weeks left of the school holidays and warmer weather predicted, we are urging people to remain vigilant, swim only between the red and yellow flags and to be sure to supervise your children.

“During the week, lifeguard services will continue to keep beachgoers safe before our volunteer surf lifesavers return next weekend.

“With the start of the New South Wales school holidays next weekend, we are expecting an influx of visitors to our State next weekend and even more people on our beaches.

“To find your nearest patrolled beach, visit lifesaving.com.au,” she said.

Weekend 16-17 September 

Statewide Numbers 

  • Total Rescues – 61

  • Total Preventative Actions – 3,551

  • Number of visitors to Queensland beaches – 190, 249

  • First Aid Treatments – 165

Gold Coast Region

  • Total Rescues – 19

  • Total Preventative Actions – 1,068

  • Number of visitors to Gold Coast beaches – 48,024

  • First Aid Treatments – 63

Brisbane Region 

  • Total Rescues – 0

  • Total Preventative Actions – 468

  • Number of visitors to Brisbane beaches – 9,475

  • First Aid Treatments – 3

Sunshine Coast Region

  • Total Rescues – 44

  • Total Preventative Actions – 1,345

  • Number of visitors to Sunshine Coast beaches – 101,294

  • First Aid Treatments – 44

Wide Bay Region

  • Total Rescues – 1

  • Total Preventative Actions – 304

  • Number of visitors to Wide Bay beaches – 10,064

  • First Aid Treatments – 5

North Barrier Region

  • Total Rescues – 0

  • Total Preventative Actions – 171

  • Number of visitors to North Barrier beaches – 13,262

  • First Aid Treatments – 21

North Queensland Region

  • Total Rescues – 0

  • Total Preventative Actions – 204

  • Number of visitors to North Queensland beaches – 10,746

  • First Aid Treatments – 31

Surf Life Saving Queensland Safety Tips 

  • Swim only at a patrolled beach, between the red and yellow flags

  • Supervise children in and around the water

  • Don’t be a risk taker when it comes to the ocean and always swim with a mate

  • Don’t mix alcohol and drugs when swimming at the beach

  • Find your nearest patrolled beach at www.lifesaving.com.au

For more information contact media@lifesaving.com.au or 0419 201 246