Tugun SLSC

Tugun Surf Life Saving Club’s volunteer lifesavers have been patrolling Tugun since 1925, with a focus on building a healthy local community.

The club provides an essential educational and emergency rescue service to all users of local beaches and plays a fundamental role in building a healthy community. Tugun Surf Life Saving Club comprises approximately 600 members with up to 120 patrolling members who are all committed to saving lives and positively impacting on their local community.

Tugun SLSC boasts a strong competitive history with a number of elite athletes across all surf lifesaving disciplines coming from our grassroots. The club recognises the importance and balance provided by the competition side of surf lifesaving, promoting competition across all lifesaving surf sport disciplines.


Tugun Beach

This is a long beach that changes its character from north to south. It has also suffered from beach erosion, resulting in the construction of seawalls and groynes and requiring beach nourishment every few years.

Tugun is patrolled by Tugun Surf Life Saving Club, located 500m south of Flat Rock. The club has a large club house located on a small foreshore reserve, with parking areas to either side of the reserve.

Swimming conditions vary along the beach. Conditions are most hazardous at the Flat Rock and Tugun end owing to the prevalence of rip channels across the inner bar, together with the strong permanent rip against Elephant Rock and smaller rips that can form either side of Flat Rock. The patrolled area at the Tugun Surf Club is the best place to swim.

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29 O’Connor St,
Tugun, QLD, 4224

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