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Northcliffe Surf Life Saving Club was established in 1947 as a volunteer lifesaving club patrolling the beach just south of Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast.

Northcliffe has developed into one of Australia’s most competitive surf sports life saving clubs, undefeated in Australian Point Score Championships since 2004.

The club offers various activities for members from juniors activities to Masters. Over 300 volunteer active members patrol Northcliffe Beach every year from September through to May each weekend and on public holidays. Northcliffe boats a strong junior activities section with over 450 members that we see as our life savers of the future.

Surf Sports

Northcliffe Beach

Just south of Surfers Paradise Main Beach, Northcliffe is part of the most built-up and heavily frequented stretch of beach in Australia.

Northcliffe Beach and its surf life saving club are 1km south of Surfers Paradise. The club is surrounded by high rises and development, and parking is limited.

On this stretch of beach, the eight surf life saving clubs and 16 lifeguard towers attest to the potential hazards. Rips are present whenever waves are breaking and deep rip channels may run out from the shoreline. Swim only in patrolled areas and avoid the rip holes and outer trough. Stay close inshore and on the attached portion of the bar.

This is undoubtedly Australia’s most heavily developed and utilised stretch of beach. It offers a huge range of accommodation, attractions and facilities, together with the surf lifesaving clubs and lifeguard towers, however the surf is hazardous, so be careful as to when and where you swim.

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