Marcoola SLSC

On a sunny Sunday morning in 1969, Marcoola Beach Surf Life Saving Club was formed outside the Marcoola Beach kiosk. Interestingly, the Nipper Club was in operation before the seniors began their first patrol.

In its first season, the Marcoola SLSC had only 22 members, but that year they placed third in the march past competition at Branch Titles and won 11 pennants across three surf sports carnivals. This team were known as the Marcoola Dolphins, and because of this, the club’s emblem has since been a dolphin.

The first clubhouse at Marcoola was completed in 1970, and it was a simple one- story fibro structure. The population of both the Marcoola community and the membership of the Club grew rapidly and a larger facility was soon needed, so the old clubhouse was demolished and a new two-storey building was completed in 1984. A number of extensions have since been added.

In 2019, Marcoola SLSC celebrated its 50th anniversary with a number of special events throughout the year. From its humble beginnings to the iconic club it has become today, it’s been a wonderful journey.

The Marcoola Surf Life Saving Club members patrol the beach from September to May.


Marcoola Beach

A long, relatively natural beach offering a range of facilities, including three resorts. Take care if swimming as it is dominated by rips.

Marcoola Beach is 4km south of Point Arkwright, with the Marcoola Surf Life Saving Club located in the centre of the settlement. It is surrounded by a beachfront reserve, with facilities for beachgoers and picnickers. The Esplanade parallels the beachfront reserve, providing parking and access. At the southern end of Marcoola is Surfair Beach Resort. Besides the usual rips, the beach here has dark coffeerock exposed on either side of the access area.

This is a long, potentially hazardous beach with persistent rips and strong currents. Swimmers should only bathe at the patrolled Marcoola Beach, or under the supervision of the lifeguards at Coolum and Twin Waters resorts. Always check for rips before entering, stay on the attached inner bar and clear of the rip channels and deeper outer trough.

Beach Showers
Disabled Access


64-76 Marcoola Esplanade,
Marcoola, QLD, 4564

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