Coochiemudlo Island SLSC

Coochiemudlo SLSC is a small club patrolling the calm waters of this Moreton Bay Island between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

The club is a proud part of this island community and prides itself on fostering a spirit of belonging. It is a friendly family club servicing locals and holiday tourists.

The Coochiemudlo Island SLSC runs its Nippers program on the main beach every Sunday starting in September. The objective of our program is to educate the children on aquatic safety and awareness, provide fitness skills, and educate in Surf Lifesaving competition, first aid and resuscitation. Children are taught how to respect the surf, read the surf and use the surf to their advantage. This provides a fun, healthy lifestyle and a camaraderie which is unique to surf life saving.

Our patrolling members are a vital part of the club, junior members are encouraged to transition to seniors through gaining various awards that allow them to join patrol and become fully fledged life savers.


Coochiemudlo Beach

This is Coochiemudlo Island’s main bathing beach, popular with tourists and day trippers landing from the mainland at the adjacent ferry terminal.

Coochiemudlo Island lies in Moreton Bay, where its shallow beaches and mangroves are protected from the breakers of the South Pacific. The island is easily reached by a short ferry trip from Victoria Point. Although Coochie, as the island is known locally, is only 5 square kilometres in size, there are 4km of beautiful, safe beaches, which are ideal for the kids.

The name Coochiemudlo refers to the soft red rock that can be seen around the island shoreline. This dominant feature makes the island easily recognisable when seen from the mainland. In spite of “mud” appearing in the name, there is only a little mangrove – the rest is beach.

Boat Ramp


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