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Tannum Sands Beach

Tannum Sands Beach is located 30km south-east of Gladstone and 10km off the Bruce Highway. It is a relatively safe beach, particularly at high tide.

The beach is divided in two by low tide rock flats, with the northern half running for 800m between the Canoe Point and Tannum Sands rock flats, and the main southern half extending 600m to the mouth of Wild Cattle Creek. The surf lifesaving club is located in the reserve 200m north of the creek mouth.

The beach is partially protected from southerly waves by Rodds Peninsula, with waves averaging only 0.5m, while the tide range can reach 6m. The waves and tides have formed a 50m wide high tide beach fronted by a 150m wide low tide bar. South of the camping reserve the bar widens to 300m as the tidal currents from Wild Cattle Creek maintain a series of ridged sand flats. The surf lifesaving club is located right at the apex of the bar and shoals, resulting in a wide surf zone at high tide south of the club house. There is good parking right along the beach, together with a caravan park and beachfront camping reserve.

Swimmers should be mindful of the regular sweep up the beach and care must be taken near the mouth of Wild Cattle Creek, especially on a falling tide when strong tidal currents flow seaward. Also watch out for the rocks in the centre and northern part of the beach.


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Tannum Sands SLSC

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As a trusted part of the local community, Tannum Sands SLSC is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable beach environment for all.

The club is acknowledged as a role model community service provider in both the delivery of surf life-saving services and member support.

Our club is always healthy and vibrant because all members actively and constructively contribute to and strive for continuous improvement in areas such as organisation culture; breadth and quality of training and development; financial security and social equity.


Tannum Sands Beach
Millenium Esplanade, Tannum Sands, QLD, 4680

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