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Brisbane Lifesaving Service

The Brisbane Lifesaving Service supports beach safety from the Sunshine Coast to the NSW border.

Members of the Brisbane Lifesaving Service patrol Southeast Queensland’s beautiful beaches and support other clubs across the region.

From the calm waters of Moreton Bay to the strong ocean swell of the Sunshine Coast to the holiday playground of the Gold Coast, BLS members may find themselves patrolling beaches across the region.

For those who like variety, joining the BLS is a great way to get to know a range of Southeast Queensland beaches and gain experience in a range of surf conditions.



Brisbane Lifesaving Service

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Brisbane Lifesaving Service is a volunteer initiative that helps Brisbane residents get involved with surf life saving.

You don’t have to live on the coast to get involved with surf life saving. Members are trained in lifesaving skills including surf awareness, first aid, and resuscitation while completing their Bronze Medallion.

Theory is taught centrally at South Brisbane. Practical training in the surf is conducted on the Gold or Sunshine Coast.

As a Brisbane Lifesaving Service member the expected volunteer commitment is only around half a day each month.

Brisbane Lifesaving Service volunteers have the opportunity to move into specialist areas on completion of their initial training including: rescue water craft, communications, and the Westpac Lifesaver Helicopter Rescue Service to name a few.

You can still volunteer with Brisbane Lifesaving Service even if you can’t swim. There are plenty of other ways for Brisbane residents volunteer with Surf Life Saving Queensland without getting wet. Many of members take on roles such as First Aid Officer, or Radio Operator, among others.

Our next course is due to start 14 August, 2021 – 19th September 2021.

For more information on Brisbane Lifesaving Service, click here.

For information on how to sign up online, click here.



Brisbane Lifesaving Service
Surf Rescue House, 18 Manning St, South Brisbane, QLD, 4101

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