Sun Safety

Why is sun safety important to you?

Australia is known for its hot sunny days which make the beach even more enjoyable. However, the hot sun means there is increased exposure to the heat and the suns rays (UV rays). Lifeguards and lifesavers treat dehydrated persons almost every day during summer and getting sun burnt is far too common, which may have serious immediate results and later on in life.

Why is getting sunburnt bad?

Ongoing over-exposure to the sun without proper protection can have immediate results such as soreness of your skin, becoming too hot and feeling sick. A common long term result is skin cancer. In fact, Australia has the highest per person rate of skin cancer (melanomas) in the world!

What is dehydration?

The heat created by the sun can affect you in a number of ways. It can cause your body temperature to rise and lose fluids by sweating. If you are not mindful of this you can become dehydrated, which essentially means you become too hot and do not have enough fluids in your body. Headaches and fatigue are common symptoms of dehydration.

Protect yourself in 5 ways from skin cancer


For further information on sun safety visit Queensland Health’s Feel Good Facts page