deaths in
public waters

Surf Life Saving Queensland (SLSQ) is the state’s peak aquatic rescue authority and is one of the largest volunteer-based community service organisations in Australia.

From humble beginnings when the first recorded rescue on a Queensland beach was made in 1909, SLSQ is now an efficient and vibrant organisation servicing 30,500 members.

It was formally established in 1930 and is the governing body for surf lifesaving in Queensland, comprising 58 affiliated surf life saving clubs in six regional branches. The organisation also includes supporters’ clubs and a range of programs that involve more than 462,000 participants.

SLSQ is directly affiliated with, and is part of, Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) and the International Life Saving Federation (ILF).

Why We Exist

Surf Life Saving Queensland is built on a fundamental principle: to save lives.

Our organisation encompasses several diverse arms – lifesaving services, community education, membership services, surf sports, fundraising and commercial training – but they all contribute to one overarching purpose.

Queensland’s mainland coastline stretches 6089km and there are more than 780 accessible beaches along that expanse. There are more than 30 million visits to our public waterways every year.

Population and tourism growth will substantially increase aquatic activity through to 2020.

Despite significant advances in technology, techniques and knowledge, people still drown or die in Queensland public waterways.

SLSQ aims to set the benchmark in lifesaving service provision, rescue practices, emergency care, training and education, as we strive to make our public waterways safer for everyone. A commitment to continuous improvement across all areas of our operation ensures we are highly regarded both in Australia and around the world.

Our Vision

Zero preventable deaths in Queensland public waters.

Our Mission

Surf Life Saving Queensland will operate as a proactive and effective peak body leading the way in lifesaving service provision, education, sport, beach and water safety advocacy and community leadership.

Our Values

Leadership: As the peak authority on coastal safety, we are committed to leading by example, developing industry-best practice and setting high benchmarks for ourselves and each other.

Community: We aim to strengthen communities through excellence in service, advocacy and inclusiveness, underpinned by a firm commitment to continuous improvement across all levels.

Safety: We aim to prioritise safety at all levels while, at the same time, taking responsibility for the health and well-being of our colleagues, volunteer members and the communities we serve.

Trust: We recognise that trust and accountability are the cornerstones of our organisation, and seek to to build workplace integrity through high professional standards, open and honest communication, and always delivering on our commitments.

Respect: We will treat each other with respect, value each other’s contributions, and celebrate our colleagues and members who strive for excellence.

Teamwork: We will work collaboratively to combine our strengths and knowledge in the best interests of the organisation and its members.

Our Motto

Vigilance and Service

Key Performance Areas

  • Committed to our community
  • Connected to our people
  • Effective in our business
  • Sustainable for the future


Click here for the SLSQ Strategic Plan 2015-2020

1902 - NOW

Our History

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Board Members & Patrons

The Surf Life Saving Queensland board comprises a President, Deputy President, five directors and the two Independent Directors All board members are individual members of Surf Life Saving Queensland Clubs.

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Every season, our lifesaving services from voluntary club patrols, Operations Support and the Australian Lifeguard Service (QLD) performs vital lifesaving services. These services are performed by the many men and women who make up our volunteer patrolling and Lifeguard ranks.

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Through the generosity of our sponsors and partner organisations, Surf Life Saving Queensland aims to reduce the cost for clubs to purchase gear, equipment and education resources, participate in lifesaving activities and surf sports, and support our ongoing fundraising efforts. Our sponsors contribute funding and in-kind support for the direct and indirect benefit of our clubs and our members.

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Our organisation encompasses several diverse arms – lifesaving services, community education, membership services, surf sports, fundraising, and commercial training – but they all support one overarching purpose: to save lives.

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Intellectual Property & Trademarks

Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) and Surf Life Saving Queensland (SLSQ) has numerous registered marks that represent our organisation’s proud 100 + years of service in Australia. These marks are symbolic of our organisation and are used to represent the lifesaving efforts that have saved over 500,000 lives nationally.


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