Surf Sports Athlete

Test your strength and skills against fellow athletes and the ever changing environment.

Surf sports and friendly competition is one of the foundations of the lifesaving movement. Whether you’re a junior member aspiring to be a professional iron man or woman, or an experienced athlete keen to beat the world’s best, members of all shapes and sizes have the opportunity to test their lifesaving skills and build extra fitness by participating in various sporting competitions across the year. Regular surf sport carnivals are held across both summer & winter months, from local and branch-run competitions to national and international championships.

While the competition is fierce, surf sports thrive upon the enthusiastic and friendly spirit of competitors,encouraged by a shared passion for the surf and a commitment to saving lives.

There are many different disciplines to be involved in all year round, including:

  • IRB racing
  • Surf boat rowing
  • Surf sports: swim and board events, belt race
  • Surf rescue: First aid and patrol competitions, champion lifesaver
  • March Past
  • Beach sports: sprints and flags
  • Pool rescue
  • Surf board riding


To be eligible to compete in most SLSA competitions,athletes must:

  • Hold the appropriate SLSA Qualification
  • Be proficient as prescribed for the relevant SLSA Award
  • Have met patrol commitments as required by their club, branch, state and/or SLSA
  • Have met any other competition eligibility qualification requirements for specific events e.g. IRB, Surf Boat (Sweep), Patrol Competition

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Further Opportunities

Should you progress to being a professional athlete there is the potential for sponsorship and endorsements


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