**Aeronautical Radio Operator Course (AROC)**

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand when to use and not use Airband Radio
  • Understand transmitters, receivers, antennae and propagation
  • Aviation Phraseology
  • User of numbers, letters -wind / headings.
  • Know what to say, how and when.
  • Transmission limitation of VHF Airband Radio

Learning Methods:

Our AROC course is wholly online with captivating ( at least we hope so! ) video tutorials, plus online assessment tasks. We also have an online ‘practical’ exercise that will give you at least some level of experience in real-world radio calls the actual AROC course does not require.
This is a ‘manned aviation’ qualification all pilots will acquire whilst actually using the radio in actual flight. For RePL pilots, often you will have no experience whatsoever. As pilots in commercial manned aviation, we’ve put together a fun but educational 10 question exercise that addresses this gap and will help you decide where you may need to spend a few extra hours listening and understanding Air Radio.


  • Understand VHF Radio
  • Understand Radio Terminology
  • Aircraft radio systems
  • What to say, when and where


  • Online / Live Presentations
  • Practical Radio Call Exercise
  • Accèss to Commercial Pilots on staff to practice anytime
  • Construct your own Radio call for RPAS Ops