Youth Excellence Program

In April of 2019 we took almost 80 young lifesavers between the ages of 15-17 to Lake Moogerah to get them even more excited than they already are about surf lifesaving. The program aims to allow participants to meet new people, take calculated risks, self-challenge, learn leadership skills and have their voices heard.

What is the Youth Excellence Program all about?

The Youth Excellence Program (YEP) is conducted annually by SLSQ, and provides an opportunity for youth members to be exposed to the many different elements of Surf Life Saving. Youth Development is about providing our young people with positive experiences and opportunities which enhance their strengths and capacity as well as affirming them as contributors to our community and shapers of their own future.

It is designed to provide youth with knowledge, experience and allow them to develop skills in a wide range of activities in an enjoyable and stimulating environment. The program is structured to develop maximum participation, confidence and leadership in all participants. As well as introducing the participants to the more formal and responsible roles of Surf Life Saving such as patrol duties, responsibilities of positions etc.

The program will consist of activities that include:

  • Teamwork
  • Networking
  • Fun
  • Pathways (internal and external to the organization)

Who can apply?

Active Members aged 15-17 years who have been identified by their clubs as a future leader, or who have a keen interest in developing their leadership and life skills. All applicants should –

  • Hold a proficient Surf Rescue Certificate or Bronze Medallion
  • Be financial club member currently in, or aspiring to, a leadership role

When and where?

The 2020 Youth Excellence Program will be held from 4-6 April 2020, at Camp Laurence, Lake Moogerah

Why should I apply?

  • Meet like-minded people from other clubs around Queensland
  • Participate in practical lifesaving activities
  • Gain leadership skills
  • Learn important communication skills
  • Challenge yourself
  • Develop your team-building skills
  • Get motivated to help your club, your community and yourself

Applications open now! Click here to apply to become a participant.

For more information, contact SLSQ Membership Development Officer:

Jamie Findlay on (07) 3846 8000 or

Leaders and Mentors:

Looking for more information on the role of Leaders and Mentors too see if you have what it takes, download them via the SLSQ Member App.

Become a Leader or Mentor now! Click here to apply.

What past participants thought of the program:

The experience was nothing short of inspiring and has undoubtedly motivated many of the attendees. Personally, the camp developed my teamwork and communication skills while galvanising me to get more involved in my club and Surf Life Saving in general. – Meli – Tannum Sands SLSC – 2019 Participant

‘OMG YEP was AWESOME! I was really able to come out of my shell on this program as everyone really made me feel comfortable and confident. I learnt that I have some great leadership skills. Also, I think everyone on the camp flared up a real passion for becoming more involved in Surf Life Saving.’
– Youth Excellence Program participant

‘Hey! I just got back from YEP! I absolutely loved this camp!! I particularly enjoyed meeting so many new people and making new life friends. Though the camp was only a couple of days I immediately felt even more confident, happier and bubblier than before and I have been extremely excited to catch up with all my new friends since the moment I left the camp.’
– Youth Excellence Program participant

‘You HAVE TO go to YEP next year! I learnt that to work as a team with people you have never met before can change your life and has given me the opportunity to make a whole lot of new friends that have the same interests and passion for surf lifesaving.’
– Youth Excellence Program participant

‘You know, the promotion of youth in SLS is of utmost importance as we are going to be the next leaders in SLS and there won’t be a future if the wisdom and experience from the older generation isn’t passed on. At YEP, we got to speak to some of the most dedicated people – it was so inspiring!’
– Youth Excellence Program participant

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