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With more than a century of coastal and aquatic experience to its name, SLSQ and its members have been directly responsible for saving the lives of thousands of people along Queensland’s coastline since its inception.

In addition, countless tragedies and incidents have been prevented over the years through a wide range of proactive strategies, services, and programs along with the on-beach actions of surf lifesavers and lifeguards. This frontline approach, coupled with a raft of awareness and educational initiatives, has helped minimise drowning deaths and protect hundreds of millions of beachgoers across the state.

This overwhelming success and positive track record has recently seen SLSQ broaden its focus, transferring its extensive lifesaving experience and expertise to inland waterways and various other aquatic locations.

A recent change to SLSQ’s overarching vision now sees the organisation working towards the wider goal of ‘Zero preventable deaths in Queensland public waters.’ In addition to beaches, this also includes dams, rivers, lakes, lagoons, and all other freely and publicly accessible bodies of water.

As part of this, SLSQ has begun to monitor and analyse all drowning deaths at inland locations. Moving forward, this will continue to provide a vital framework for developing and implementing risk management strategies to protect swimmers and, ultimately, eliminate drowning deaths.

For a full copy of the SLSQ Coast Safe Report 2017, please click here.

Watersafe Fact Sheets


Download our Watersafe fact sheets and ensure you’re safe no matter the waterway you’re visiting.

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