Sting, Stab, Strike

Our ocean's full of animals, of some you should beware. But they won't sting or stab or strike, if you just take some care.

Armed with teeth, tentacles, spines, barbs and harpoons, Australia’s dangerous marine creatures can be very scary. Presented in a fun and friendly way, Sting, Stab, Strike aims to reduce the fear factor by arming kids with their most important defence… knowledge. Featuring lionfish, sharks, crocodiles, stonefish, stingrays, sea snakes, marine stingers, cone shells and the blue-ring octopus, it is the perfect introduction to the topic for young readers.





  • What makes these creatures dangerous?
  • Why have they developed these defences?
  • How do you avoid contact with dangerous marine creatures, and
  • Basic first aid tips for when you don’t!

Surf Life Saving Queensland has produced this range of resources in response to the myriad of questions about dangerous marine creatures our lifesavers and educators are asked daily. Our goal is to increase awareness of the marine environment and help kids safely enjoy a day at the beach.

To learn how to be Crocwise, visit the Department of Environment and Science website.
Report all crocodile sightings on 1300 130 372 even if you’ve reported the animal before.



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See our range of 'Sting, Stab, Strike' fact sheets which are perfect for school project.

Blue ring octopus

Cone shell



Sea snakes