As a result of SLSA undertaking an independent review of its National Officiating Accreditation Scheme (NOAS) Training Programs, the Core and Technical Official Training Programs have been released to deliver best practice education and development opportunities to all SLSA officials.

The new NOAS Training Programs align with the SLSA Participant Development Pathway, ensuring surf sport officials are trained and supported to provide officiating services which meet the needs of participants / athletes in specific phases of development and in specific environments.

  • Core – Core Officials work with entry level participants from U8-U14 age categories at junior competitions. Officiating roles may include: Marshall, Recorder, Timekeeper or Finish Judge. Core Officials will be supervised at competitions by a competent Technical (or above) accredited Official.
  • Technical – Technical Officials are permitted to officiate at Club, Branch, State events. Officiating roles may include: Marshall/Check-Marshall, Starter/Check-Starter,Timekeeper, Recorder and Finish Judge.
  • Senior – Senior Officials are those who work with athletes competing in State/National Surf Sports Competition. Officiating roles may include: Referee, Area Referee, Sectional Referee, Chief Judge and Course Supervisor.

How to become an Official:
Are you a minimum of 16 years of age, have a current SLSA membership, and hold a current Working with children check (Blue card)? WE WANT YOU!
Branches are responsible for the facilitation of Core and Technical Official Accreditation, whilst SLSQ is responsible for the deliver of Senior Official Accreditations.

The Core and Technical Official Training program consists of both theoretical (on-line) and practical learning and a ‘on the job’ assessment.
1. Please liaise with your Club Administrator regarding upcoming ‘face-to-face’ learning opportunities within your Branch.
2. Login onto SLSA Members Area – under “My Training Library” whereby the Branch will allocate you one of the above courses.
3.Complete Module 1: Australian Sports Commission (ASC) online Community Officiating General Principles. Upon completion please email your Branch a copy of your certificate.
4.Complete the SLSA Online Modules: ‘Core Official’ or ‘Technical Official’ course at your own pace from Module 2.
5. Attend Branch ‘face-to-face’ practical learning session and complete ‘On the job’ Assessment at a carnival.

Officials accreditation expire after a 4 year period, from which the member must apply to re-license through their respective Branch. Please follow the below process to re-license:
1. Complete Surf Official Re-Accreditation Form and forward onto your Branch for endorsement.

Please contact the SLSQ Surf Sports team on (07) 3846 8000 for further information.