Rip Currents

If you’re swimming at the beach and find yourself being taken away from the beach and unable to get back, it is more than likely you are caught in a rip current.

Rip Currents Schematic

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You can survive rip currents by knowing your options:
  • To reduce the chances of being caught in a rip current, always swim between the red and yellow flags.
  • If you need help, stay calm, float and raise an arm to attract attention.
  • To escape a rip, swim parallel to the beach.
  • Always conserve your energy; the waves can assist you back to the beach.
Avoiding Rip Currents

The best advice is to avoid rip currents altogether. To reduce the likelihood of getting caught in a rip current, you need to:

  • Always swim between the red and yellow flags;
  • Observe all safety signs;
  • Obey all instructions from the surf lifesavers and lifeguards;
  • Understand what a rip current is;
  • Know how to spot rip currents and look for the common signs such as deeper, darker water and fewer breaking waves; and
  • Do not swim in or near a rip current.

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