Marine Stingers


Common name


Portugese man-o-war

Pacific man-o-war


Initial pain and burning sensation, single raise white welt with a prominent ‘beading’ effect, Occasionally, pain on breathing, back pain, sweating, anxiety and nausea may develop.


All jellyfish stings north of Agnes Water should be doused with vinegar and the casualty to remain out of the water.
Remove casualty from water if safe to do so

  1. Do not allow rubbing of the sting area
  2. Remove any adhering tentacles
  3. Rinse the area well with sea water (not freshwater)
  4. Place the sting area in hot water for 20 minutes (no hotter than the casualty can comfortably tolerate)
  5. If the pain is unrelieved by heat, or if hot water is not available, apply cold packs or ice in a dry plastic bag
  6. Send for medical aid if symptoms persist