Young people are the future of lifesaving and SLSQ aims to provide our younger generation with the opportunity to make friends and learn new skills in an enjoyable environment.

There are many ways that you can be involved in lifesaving and there are heaps of programs and activities that SLSQ run to help keep you motivated, keep you involved, and that help you get ahead in life outside lifesaving!

Clubs and branches also run social activities and programs that help you get fitter and stronger in the water and on the sand, and also teach vital leadership and teamwork skills.

Clubs, branches, and SLSQ each have different programs aimed at youth. Check back regularly to see what each programs have been organised near you.

The state programs below are designed specifically to help you develop both within and outside of lifesaving.

SLSQ is committed to ensure the protection, safety and welfare of our young participants and believe that the safety and welfare of children and youth is our main consideration. For more information about the SLSQ Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy please, click here.

Proud supporter of Girls Make Your Move

Youth Involvement Program - YIPS

YIPs is an effective method of retaining youth members within a surf life saving club and ultimately the surf lifesaving movement. The program is designed to motivate, recognise and reward youth, while providing them with the opportunity to explore and become involved in a range of areas within the movement which they may not have previously considered.

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Breaka Youth Excellence Program

APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN! In April of 2017 we will take¬†almost 80 young lifesavers¬†between the ages of 15-17 to Yandina on the Sunshine Coast to get them even more excited than they already are about surf lifesaving. The program aims to allow…

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UQ SLSQ Leadership Excellence Program

The State Leadership Excellence Program is conducted annually by SLSQ, providing participants with the knowledge and skills to advance as a leader within their club, branch and state.

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Breaka U14 Junior Lifesaver of the Year

The Breaka Junior Lifesaver of the Year award is recognises our junior members who have provided outstanding contributions to Junior Activities for the season.

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