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Become a Trainer, Assessor or Facilitator (TAF) for your club

There are many benefits involved in becoming a Surf Life Saving Queensland Trainer, Assessor or Facilitator. Other than the benefits of helping thousands of Lifesavers to learn new skills here are a few more benefits:

  • Industry Recognised Training – The award that you will receive upon successful completion of your course is Nationally Recognised. With these accreditations you can take them across to your workplace and increase your own opportunity for development.
  • Upgrade your skills – Training and/or assessing is one of the best ways to build upon your own skills. Participants often initiate discussion on topics you may never have explored.
  • Career Opportunities – The award and experience you will gain as a Trainer, Assessor or Facilitator could be a benefit to your career, regardless of your industry. Skills in training and assessment can improve your presentation skills and could even lead to you becoming a Workplace Trainer or Assessor. These skills could also lead to an opportunity to be employed by SLSQ to conduct courses for members of the public, through the Community Training department. To find out more, visit the Community Training area of the SLSQ website.

What are Trainers, Assessors and Facilitators (TAFs)?

A Trainer is someone with special knowledge in a particular field who teaches or instructs another person in a learning environment, to improve that person’s skills and knowledge.

An Assessor is someone with special knowledge in a particular field who serves to evaluate another person, to ensure they are deemed ‘competent’ in what the person has trained in.

A Facilitator is someone who both trains and assesses individuals and groups in a learning environment.

How to become a Trainer, Assessor or Facilitator (TAF) with SLSQ 
Awards criteria for SLSQ Trainers, Assessors and Facilitators (TAFs)
Probationary Trainer, Assessor and Facilitator (TAF) Process

TAF Portal

The Portal is a resource hub for those involved with training and assessment on behalf of Surf Life Saving Queensland. It provides access to assessment resources, course management paperwork and training guides, as well as providing an outlet for Surf Life Saving Queensland’s clubs, branches and Licensed Providers to discuss news and updates through forums and discussion boards.

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How to Become a Trainer, Assessor and Facilitator

SLSQ has in place a number of Trainer, Assessor and Facilitator Application Processes. These processes are dependent on what type of endorsement you wish to obtain.

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Awards Criteria for TAF's

SLSQ delivers training under a ‘Direct Supervision’ model. This means that we allow TAFs to train, assess and facilitate courses without holding a full Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. However, there must still be a person responsible for the ‘Direct Supervision’ of the training and assessment of the course, who is required to hold a full Certificate IV in Training and Assessment – this role is known as the Direct Supervisor.

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Probationary TAF Process

Throughout the probationary period, endorsed trainers, assessors and facilitators are assigned a mentor. This mentor process has been designed to maximise standardisation of training throughout the organisation.

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QCE Information

Nationally Recognised Training courses run by SLSQ have great benefits for students of Queensland high schools.


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Participant Handbook

The Participant Handbook provides information to course participants, covering our training codes of practice. This includes a number of policies in relation to the training we provide, as well as your rights and obligations in relation to our courses.

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