IRB Competition

A high-octane event, inflatable rescue boat (IRB) racing has a large following in Queensland as competitors from clubs around the state fight it out for surf rescue supremacy.

Aside from the spills and thrills of the competition the event is a real reinforcement of lifesaving skills. The races are all about simulating rescue situations and testing the abilities of drivers and crew people as they’re transferred to a competitive setting.

Ocean Roar is the dedicated IRB competition series which features five rounds of competition throughout the season with each round attracting on average, 280 competitors. The competition works on a cumulative point-based system with the winning team awarded the Premiership Title at the end of the series.

The event is a popular precursor to the Queensland IRB Championships which sees over 300 competitors go head to head in the pinnacle event of the season.

Seasonal dates will be distributed in early 2018 in the lead up to the Ocean Roar Series:

Ocean Roar Round 1: May 12 – Alexandra Headland
Ocean Roar Round 2: May 19 – Coolangatta
Ocean Roar Round 3: May 20 – Coolangatta
Ocean Roar Round 4: June 2 & 3 – Rainbow Beach
Ocean Roar Round 5: June 9 – Kirra
Queensland IRB Championships: June 22-24 – Kurrawa

Please note that all information and documents relating to these events can be found on the SLS Members Portal.

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IRB Racing Safety Reporting Procedures:

In conjunction with the Surf Sports Committee, the IRB Competition Panel has created some IRB safety reporting documents for all IRB coaches to fill out for every IRB racing training session.

These documents include an Injury Report Form, Water Based Pre-Training Risk Assessment Form and Daily Training Log. The Daily Training Log and Water Based Pre-Training Risk Assessment Form must be filled out prior to every session and if necessary the injury report must be filled out as soon as an injury occurs.

Please take note if an injury does occur the following documents must also be included; SLSA Incident Report Log, MSQ Marine Incident Report Form & IRB Injury Report Form. Copies of these documents must be sent in with the Daily Training Log and the Water Based Pre-Training Risk Assessment Form.

These new documents must be returned to Matthew Palmer at Surf Life Saving Queensland at the end of every month. The forms will be collated and filed in the event of any injuries sustained during training and/or competition. Please note: All clubs must also ensure a copy of the MSQ form is sent to their local office within 48 hours of the incident occurring.

Any queries should be directed to Surf Sports Development Coordinator Matthew Palmer on (07) 5566 1012.

Please return all forms to:
Matthew Palmer
Surf Sports Development Coordinator
Surf Life Saving Queensland
PO Box 436
West Burleigh, QLD, 4219