Container Refund Scheme: Your club is invited to start earning funds now!

Surf Life Saving Queensland is excited to announce a new partnership with Envirobank in readiness for the Container Refund Scheme (CRS) commencing in Queensland. With eligible containers allowed to be collected from NOW, this is the time to make sure your club is registered as a collection point in order to take full advantage of this great fundraising opportunity and receive your first payment as early as November 2018!

SLSQ has worked with Envirobank to establish a streamlined process – all you need to do is register your interest using the button below so we can start planning the next steps.


What is the Container Refund Scheme?

Every eligible drink container can be exchanged for a ten cent refund from collection points across QLD. This is a great opportunity for your surf club to collect containers as donations to create an ongoing revenue stream for your club. Visit containerexchange.com.au for more information on the scheme.

Surf clubs are ideally located to capitalise on the new scheme and by creating a collection point, the public can donate their empty drink containers and the refund can be collected by the club. With approximately 2.8 million aluminium containers in circulation in QLD, funds can start to quickly add up!

How it will work

SLSQ has established a relationship with Envirobank, a recycling company passionate about ridding our beaches and waterways of plastic, so that each and every Queensland club can be involved in the streamlined process.

Envirobank will set up your club as a collection point within the scheme operations. Their dedicated technicians will talk you through the options available based on the space available at your club. There are no outlaying associated costs in jumping on board this scheme through the SLSQ/Envirobank arrangement. Envirobank will collect the containers from your club at regular agreed intervals and collection fees will come out of the container refunds.

Funds raised can be utilised as each club sees fit and put towards areas most requiring additional funding. Eight cents out of every ten cent container refund will go directly to the surf club, with SLSQ retaining the remaining two cents in an 80:20 split. This is to ensure an effective and efficient rollout of the scheme across the state. While ongoing this is to ensure a greater return for all surf clubs by way of centralised promotion and education of the scheme, also centralised operations and administration. SLSQ will invest the funds into lifesaving support operational services.

A digital record set up between Envirobank and SLSQ will ensure that each club will have their own container and funds totals reported at regular intervals with funds paid directly to your club quarterly.
Envirobank have worked and continue to work in this space in NSW, South Australia and the Northern Territory, where the scheme already exists, and as such they are experts in all things recycling.

You can find out more about Envirobank here: envirobank.com.au

How the scheme will be smarter in QLD

Last year, the NSW Environment Protection Authority appointed a monopoly network operator who was ultimately responsible for the rollout of the network in that state. SLSNSW and Envirobank needed to wait for approval from this operator before rolling out its network; that approval took longer than anticipated and was restricted by the network operator, ultimately meaning only 20 of 127 clubs in NSW were able to participate as planned as collection points. The remainder operate as donation points.

In QLD, however, there is no network operator. The State Government has appointed Container Exchange (CoEx) as the scheme coordinator and they have tendered out the collection point network. Envirobank has been awarded a substantial network and is free to provide services to all surf life saving clubs in QLD, including the operation of pop up collection points on selected sites. In addition, Envirobank will provide donation collections, some supporting surf sports carnivals.

How to register and start fundraising:

  1. Click on “Register My Club”
  2. Complete the form with all required details
  3. You will be contacted to discuss and arrange the most suitable equipment and services for your club.

Next steps

Once your equipment is in place, SLSQ will assist clubs to promote the scheme within your local community. You could consider asking schools in your area to stage a bottle drive, get the local pub or hotel to pledge their containers to you, or encourage visitors to bring along a bag of containers to the next Surf Club Open Day.

SLSQ will be working with Envirobank to showcase the scheme, promote our clubs and educate the community that collections points are available along the coast. We will also conduct media activities to promote the scheme and continue to partner with Envirobank to roll out activation initiatives that can be implemented at every club.

More Information

If you have any questions about the scheme or how it will be implemented, please call Inga Hendy, SLSQ Fundraising Programs Manager, on (07) 3846 8000.