Dont drink and swim

Each year, countless beachgoers across the state unnecessarily enter the surf under the influence of alcohol. Many of these people subsequently require the urgent assistance of SLSQ’s surf lifesavers or lifeguards to make it safely back to shore.

Alcohol not only impairs a person’s judgement, it also significantly slows down their reflexes and can lead to unnecessary risk-taking – a dangerous and potentially lethal combination when it comes to the surf.

In the past few years SLSQ has made a concerted effort to engage with, and educate, beachgoers about the dangers associated with drinking and swimming. This has been underpinned by the launch of SLSQ’s ‘Don’t Drink and Swim’ campaign in a bid to encourage positive and potentially lifesaving behaviour in and around the water.

The campaign sees SLSQ directly engage with a wide range of pubs, clubs, restaurants, and bars along Queensland’s coastline and provide them with educational coasters and posters to help promote safe swimming practices.

In total, more than 500 establishments were directly engaged with across 2016/17.

To request any of SLSQ’s ‘Don’t drink and swim’ collateral for your workplace, please contact the Community Awareness team (07) 3846 8000.