Rescue Water Crafts

More commonly referred to as jet skis, Rescue Water Crafts (RWCs) have proven to be one of the most valuable pieces of rescue equipment used in patrol operations on our state’s beaches

On the water, RWCs play a vital role in our lifesaving services, patrolling long stretches of coastline to help keep beach users safe, both in and out of the red and yellow flagged areas.

While RWCs cannot cater for the quantity of patients that Inflatable Rescue Boats or Jet Rescue Boats can, they offer an operational capacity that makes them an ideal vehicle for use by lifeguards and volunteer surf lifesavers across Queensland. They are fast, highly manoeuvrable, pieces of equipment which are ideally suited to the surf environment in Queensland.

Whether they are used for roving patrols or in response to emergency rescue situations, RWCs have developed into an invaluable lifesaving craft for our operations and support services in Queensland.