Raising Awareness

Community Programs

Our Community Awareness Team is out there educating members of the community about the importance of surf, beach and aquatic safety all year round.

Away from the beach, SLSQ continues to work hard in the community to promote surf safety education and awareness as a crucial part of breaking the drowning cycle. Each year SLSQ delivers a range of programs which aim to change behaviours and save lives through education and an increased understanding of our key beach safety messages.

In fact, SLSQ educates more than 500,000 people about surf safety each and every year. This frontline approach to safety allows the public to make informed, and potentially life saving, decisions before even stepping onto a beach.

Through targeted programs, educational resources, school and community visits and an increasing presence at selected events, SLSQ is ensuring that high risk groups and the general community can benefit from our comprehensive and engaging surf safety messages. Regardless of the program, location, presenter or audience, the overarching message is always the same – prevention is better than cure, and educated swimmers are safer swimmers.

Whilst SLSQ’s community awareness initiatives are aimed to educate all members of the community, various programs have been developed to target high-risk groups that include:

  • Children aged 5-11 years old
  • 18-25 year old males
  • Rural population
  • International tourists
  • Domestic tourists, and
  • Non-English speaking populations.

We are continually developing innovative programs and resources to deliver our vital surf safety messages to these groups. We actively partner with key community organisations to deliver our vital surf and beach safety messages to our local and regional communities, as well as domestic and international visitors.

Watersafe Kids

Community Programs

These initiatives are aimed to educate all members of the community across Queensland.

Queensland Health Beach Safe Program
On the Same Wave
Harbour Town Surf Crew
Little Lifesavers
Breaka Beach to Bush
Sporting Schools
Beach Safe Practical Program