Marine Stingers

Chironex Fleckeri

Common name:

Box Jellyfish


Its sting causes immediate severe burning pain and whip-like marks, often with tentacles remaining on the stung area. Severe stings may cause the casualty to stop breathing and suffer cardiac arrest.


All jellyfish stings north of Agnes Water should be doused with vinegar and the casualty to remain out of the water.

  1. Remove casualty from water if safe to do so
  2. Commence first aid as required (DRSABCD)
  3. Dial triple zero (000) and seek assistance from a lifesaver/lifeguard if available
  4. Assess casualty and commence CPR immediately if required
  5. If possible, treat the sting by pouring vinegar onto the sting area for at least 30 seconds and then pick off the tentacles