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A pivotal part of Queensland’s continued success in surf sports is SLSQ’s strong focus on development at grassroots level to ensure we have highly skilled athletes.

SLSQ has implemented an athlete development program which provides an opportunity for surf sports athletes to further develop their skills, allowing our members to reach their full potential. Traditionally, Queensland has produced some of the country’s best surf sports athletes and SLSQ is committed to continuing this tradition as well as offering athletes of any ability the opportunity to perform at their best.

Regional Athlete Development Clinics

A number of regional athlete development clinics are held each season across the state to cater to up-and-coming surf sports competitors. The clinics provide participants with access to professional athletes and coaches and also act as a talent identification tool.

SLSQ High Performance Program

The State High Performance Program was developed to cultivate a group of the state’s most promising surf sport athletes.

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Regional Athlete Development

Surf Life Saving Queensland is committed to developing athletes throughout Queensland and has a dedicated regional surfs sport program to cater for northern competitors.

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QLD Cyclones

The Queensland Cyclones is the name SLSQ gives to its multiple state teams. SLSQ has four separate Queensland Cyclones teams that compete across summer competition, pool rescue, IRB and surf boats. These teams compete for an overall point-score trophy at each event as well as the Alan Whelpton Trophy, which is awarded to the winning state across all four championship events.

Ocean Cyclones

In December each year the Ocean Cyclones State Team is selected by the State Selection Panel to compete in the Interstate Championships.

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IRB Cyclones

Each year the Queensland Cyclones State IRB team is selected based on their performances to compete at the Interstate IRB Championships.

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Surf Boat Cyclones

The Surf Boat Queensland Cyclones team is selected to compete in the annual Interstate Surf Boat Championships.

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Pool Rescue Cyclones

The Pool Rescue Queensland Cyclones team contests the Interstate Pool Rescue Championships each year in conjunction with the Australian Pool Rescue Championships.

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